Winter is just around the corner, and it’s important to know how to keep your chickens happy so their health and productivity aren’t affected by the shorter days and colder temperatures!

Keep reading to learn just a few of our winter care tips for your chickens this winter.

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Keep them Warm & Dry
Surprisingly, chickens can tolerate very cold temperatures. To keep themselves warm, they were gifted with a regular body temperate of 106 degrees Fahrenheit body temperate and a protective layer of feathers to help weather the winter.

A common misconception about caring for chickens in the winter is that you always need to equip your chicken coop with a heat lamp, but that’s not always the case. If the coop is kept too warm, chickens can have issues regulating their body temperature when they go outside to run. We suggest trying other options first to winterize your chicken coop, such as ensuring any cracks or holes are sealed—however, make sure some air exchange is still possible to avoid ammonia build-up.

It is also important to remove any wet spots from the coop daily and ensure enough bedding is available for your chickens to cuddle up and stay cozy.

Keep them Busy
As we said, chickens can tolerate snow, cold air, and frozen temperatures. Therefore, it’s still important to give them time and space to explore. Since they will be spending more time in their coops, you can also add a chicken swing, extra perches, or logs/large sticks for them to peck at for extra entertainment.

Regularly Check their Coop
Colder temperatures can result in frozen eggs, which causes them to crack. Make sure to check for eggs regularly, as well as ensuring their feed and water stay at a warmer temperature (we suggest heated waterers!)

Feed them Optimal Nutrition

Chicken’s energy needs increase in the winter since more energy is spent keeping warm—they also spend less time outside foraging. Feeding your backyard chickens the right nutrition is crucial. Our non-GMO backyard chicken starter/grower feed and layer feed contribute to healthier and happier chickens. Both feeds are also gluten-free, antibiotic-free, non-medicated, and all-natural.

If you’re still learning about what it takes to take care of and nurture your chickens, learn more about flock management on our website.

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