Spring is the perfect time to start fresh! However, don’t just limit your springtime cleaning to inside of your own abode—carry out the same care in your coop.

Are you a spring chicken when it comes to preparing your flock for springtime? Follow this checklist we’ve prepared to best get your chickens (and coop) ready for Spring.

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  1. De-Winterize the Coop. If you spent time winterizing the coop, it is now time to reverse each step you took. Gradually reduce the extra insulation you’ve added to ensure better airflow as the months get warmer. Also, since springtime can bring some wet months, ensure you check for any areas where moisture could build up.
  2. Defend Against Predators. This is also a great time to check your coop for any loose boards or holes in which predators can enter. Cold winter weather and freezing can easily make floorboards expand and make hardware securing your coop come loose. Keep in mind, your chicken coop is your #1 method of defense.
  3. Deep Clean the Coop. It is time for that spring cleaning to begin! We suggest clearing the coop of all materials and take the proper time to brush, scrub, and scrape out any debris, such as chicken droppings, nesting material, and feathers. After using a pet-friendly disinfectant and drying, provide your chickens with some fresh bedding to enjoy.
  4. Conduct a Health Check. While this should be done on a regular basis, it is important to conduct a health check on your chickens. This includes looking for mites and/or lice, giving attention to their overgrown nails, and checking their droppings for any internal parasites.
  5. Prepare for Eggs. Chickens tend to be more dormant in the winter months, but come springtime, an influx of eggs will begin to appear! Make sure to look for any possible abnormalities at this time, and ensure your chickens are receiving higher amounts of protein in their diet since they are more active. Our Non-GMO Backyard Chicken Layer Feed is packed with the nutrients to ensure your chickens’ optimal egg-laying potential. Also, prepare to enjoy eating more eggs! 
  6. Plan for Chicks. If you are planning on expanding your flock this spring, make sure to have all of the necessary supplies you will need before they arrive such as a brooder, heat lamp, and extra bedding. If you have children, we also recommend giving them a quick lesson on how to cautiously handle chicks.

If you’re still learning about what it takes to take care of and nurture your chickens, learn more about flock management on our website.

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