Just because you don’t have a big backyard, doesn’t mean you can’t have backyard chickens! With the rise of sustainable living, the “farm-to-table” mentality, and closer attention to the nutrition that we put into our bodies, backyard chickens are currently on the rise for both suburban and city dwellers.

While raising backyard chickens comes with its own list of challenges, we have some tips for you to keep in mind while raising a chicken (or chickens) in an urban setting!

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Check Your City’s Rules and Regulations
Before purchasing your new, furry friends, it is important to check your city’s local laws and regulations. Since all city ordinances are different, find this information on your city’s government website or at a nearby courthouse. Some rules may include a maximum number of chickens or the requirement of inspections.

Talk to Your Neighbors
After understanding the guidelines, we recommend having a friendly chat with the neighbors — especially if you are living in close quarters like an apartment, condo or townhouse. Provide them with useful information and let them know they are free to ask questions. To help ease their minds, remind them that layer chickens (or hens) aren’t as noisy as roosters, or offer to throw some farm fresh eggs their way!

Determine Your Chickens Living Space
Although space may already be limited, chickens don’t need too much room to thrive. A small yard or outdoor deck/patio is just as suitable as a sprawling country landscape. Typically, chickens need 3–4 feet of space each for their coop, and 4 square feet of run room. These measurements will help determine how many chickens your space is suitable for. Also, you can easily find premanufactured coops online to simplify this process!

Feed them the Right Nutrients
It is important to feed your chickens the right nutrients to ensure their health and optimal productivity. We recommend feeding your chickens our non-GMO Grower Chicken Feed and Layer Chicken Feed to keep your chickens happy and healthy.

Keep Your Chicken’s Space Clean
Now that you have your chickens, it is important to keep their health a priority. If your chicken’s water trough is outside, clean it often to avoid water contamination; this is more likely to occur while living in a city. Also, pick up their droppings more than usual to avoid unwelcome odors.

Protect Them from Predators
Predators of chickens will vary depending on where you live. So, make sure to understand what kind of predators might threaten your chickens. Suburban and urban areas have scavengers like rats, hawks, dogs, and raccoons who may try to cause harm. To lessen this possibility, make sure to clean your coop regularly, especially scraps of uneaten food.

If you’re still learning about what it takes to take care of and nurture your chickens, learn more about flock management on our website.

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