Our Guide for Raising Chickens in the City

Just because you don’t have a big backyard, doesn’t mean you can’t have backyard chickens! With the rise of sustainable living, the “farm-to-table” mentality, and closer attention to the nutrition that we put into our bodies, backyard chickens are currently on the rise for both suburban and city dwellers. While raising backyard chickens comes with

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What are your chickens trying to tell you?

If you’re a proud owner of backyard chickens, you’ve probably realized that they can be extremely chatty. But, do you know what your chickens are trying to tell you? It’s true—different sounds have different meanings. Researchers have even shown that there may be as many as 30 different sounds! Keep reading to learn how to

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The Top Five Benefits of Backyard Chickens

Are you thinking about raising backyard chickens? Or perhaps you’re interested in growing your flock. While there are several benefits of raising backyard chickens, we want to share our top five with you Quality of Food Raising backyard chickens gives you the opportunity to know where your food comes from and control its quality. Our

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Our Products Were Recognized as One of the “Best Chicken Feeds”

Our Grower Chicken Feed and Layer Chicken Feed was recently recognized as one of the seven best natural, organic, and non-GMO chicken feeds on the market. This prestigious praise was given to us by “Morning Chores,” an online community to help like-minded individuals grow a thriving garden, raise healthy livestock, and complete do it yourself

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